Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Bumiputra friends up north should read this

Our Bumiputra friends in Malaysia - including that pseudo-Bumiputra who wrote The Malay Dilemma - should read this front page article which appeared in Singapore’s Straits Times last Friday (23 November 2007).

  • She scored a staggering 294 points in her PSLE.

  • She broke the record for the highest score ever in Singapore.

  • The closest rival was a good 6 points behind her.

  • She came from a humble background; her mother was a housewife, and father, an aircraft technician.

  • She never had a day of tuition in her life.

  • Her name is Natasha Nabila Muhamad Nasir.

  • She’s Malay.

Please stop insulting your own race and scrap the New Economic Policy. And for goodness sake, stop that kris-waving wayang.


zen said...

Good governance is like the rising of the tide raising up all vessels irrespective whether they are big or small. Likewise uplifting the well-being of all races, particularly the poor, is the sole responsibility of a good government, not just enriching a small privilege segment of the population. Political wayangs would only lead the country to nowhere, creating racial disharmony, chaos and in the end sinking of a great country endowed with natural resources. These scheming politicians instigate the common people to fight one another so that they are the ones to gain at the expense of the country.

Anonymous said...

Western politicians like to kiss babies especially during election time while their eastern counterparts like to carry props to enhance their images. The former chief minister of Singapore used to carry a paper hammer (worker party). I wonder whose head he was going to wack. Meantime the present president of an island country (not recognised by the UN) is 'stewing' around like a presidential canidate for the coming election, but in actual fact he is an out-going one after serving his second term, why? - because he wants to protect his 'back' on his way out, fearing backlash from the people for his corruption record.

peter said...

I dont share your opinion friend. Each country has its own uniqueness. Just because we are "similar" in terms of racial and social elements, we must factor this into our conclusions. Otherwise we stand to be judged as a nation of self-righteous people where we used our our standards (only suitable to our landscape) to benchmark other countries.