Sunday, March 26, 2006

Potong Potong

No I am not blogging about my favourite ice cream. I am in fact talking about my favourite politician - the one western leaders labeled, ‘The Loose Cannon’.

Well he is at it again. This time the target of his ire is none other than his favourite punching bag, Singapore. His complaint this time is that it is impossible to be friendly with Singapore. Apparently he tried for 22 years to be friendly with Singapore but was unsuccessful because we were so unreasonable and demanding and so on. He does not believe that his successor will have any success (pun not intended).

Let’s see how easy it is to be friendly with this man.

Remember what he said at the time he went into retirement? "I have already made it very clear that when I leave, I leave completely." In other words, he will leave politics completely. In other words, he will not interfere (unlike his Singaporean counterpart). But has he kept his word? We all know better don’t we. So, one can understand why Singapore leaders has to be wary when dealing with such a person.

Talking about friendliness, do you recall the time when he worked up a crowd in Johor Bahru to chant; “Potong! Potong! Potong!” You guessed correctly. He wasn’t talking about ice cream either. He was talking about cutting off the water supply to Singapore.

Take it easy unker. Cool down. Enjoy your retirement. Let your successor do the skinning (of the Singapore cat that is). And have a potong.

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Friday, March 24, 2006

Two More Number 1’s for Singapore

Many people liked to poke fun of our fondness to be number one. We boast the world’s best airport, MRT, busiest port etc etc. (pardon me if I got my facts wrong – I just don’t want to waste the time to check). Some say it’s a kind of inferiority complex due our smallness.

Anyway I am all for it. And I would like to suggest 2 areas where we are probably number one as well.

1) We probably have the world’s highest number of advertisements on bust enhancement

2) We probably have the world's highest number of advertisements on hair restoration.

Whenever, I come back from an oversea trip and scan the Straits Times onboard the plane, I am often amazed at the number of advertisements that we have on bust enhancement (most of them with huge photos of scantily clad women) and hair restoration, as compared to the local newspapers. I often wondered what the foreigner sitting next to me and also reading the Straits Times, thought about Singaporeans. He probably thinks we are the vainest people in the world.

Maybe it is not such a bad thing after all. With our men getting hairier, and our women bustier, we are likely to see a decline in the ever ballooning divorce rates. With our people looking better, we are also likely to see some decline in our embarrassingly high suicide rate.