Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Be discerning when you donate

In Singapore, we have no shortage of charity organizations. Some are huge and employ aggressive marketing techniques to appeal to your emotions. They hire famous artistes to perform daring stunts on TV and make moving appeals. The Ren Ci Hospital & Medicare Centre even has its CEO - a monk no less doing Fear Factor style dare-devil stunts like standing an 8x8 inch platform on top of a wobbly metal structure erected 5 stories high in Suntec City for 1 hour 45 minutes and 28 seconds.

And kind but gullible Singaporean fall for these stunts hook, line and sinker. They must feel really stupid that hot on the footsteps of the National Kidney Foundation saga, we have another scandal in the making. If you have been donating to Ren Ci, please ponder over this.

- Ren Ci has been making interest-free loans totaling millions of dollars to various companies from as far back as 1996. Apparently, these organizations are linked to the CEO. Is that how you want your hard-earned dollars to be used?

- $200,000 to $300,000 remains to be accounted for at the multimillion-dollar charity. Is that where you want your hard-earned dollars to end up?

I don’t know about you. But I smell another NKF-type stinker brewing?

I think we should all learn a lesson from this latest fiasco, if we have not already done so from the previous one. We just have to be more discerning. Don’t be lazy. Do a bit of homework before you sign that cheque. Even if the amount is not big, it is irresponsible to use you money so foolishly. You are depriving other more deserving charitable oranisations of your precious dollar. They are many small and low profile charitable organisations that do their work quietly and without much fanfare. Find out who they are and consider is it more worthwhile to give to them instead.

The same advice applies to those show biz personnel who work so hard to help raise money for these charities.


Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope that all Singaporeans will stop donating to charities. Think about it seriously, there is absolutely no need to donate.

Sleepless in Singapore said...

That I have to disagree. Your $50 may be peanuts to NKF and Ren Ci, but it certainly means something to the smaller charities; and they will be much more appreciative.

zen said...

The question of donation to charities goes deeper from the surface of just giving. The govt can simply levy, say just half a percentage point of the GST to a fund for distribution to all the charitable organisations, saving all the hassles thrown to the public. Generally tt is viewed as meaningful by the public if contribution is made from the heart. It would not cause not much controversy this way, but most of us are not satisfied of the collection methods.

James said...

Of coure the film stars will choose to 'serve' with the high profile charities as it gives them publicity.