Friday, August 10, 2007

Singapore Boleh

It’s National Day season and I keep seeing this new phrase in the papers; Singapore – The City of Possibilities.

Haha. So not only Malaysia Boleh, Singapore pun Boleh!

But, if one were to adopt a pessimistic view, there are all kinds of disastrous possibilities; like ...

Singapore: The Vice Capital or The Sardines City etc. etc.

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zen said...

When compared to a bigger country like Malaysia or Indonesia, our 'boleh' spirit is much genuine, because we are a small country, limiting in size and lack of natural resources. We simply make full use of our location and natural habour. Singaporeans and its govt are experts in creating something out of nothing (a zen concept), just one example - making the country a hub to all activities that come along: medical hub, financial hub, education hub and so on. All these hubs draw in business and revenue. The only thing 'ta boleh' is extending the island physical size despite huge reclamation effort taking place. Even with this limitation, we probably can solve it. Why not lease land (maybe 99 yrs, renewable) from friendly country like Australia NZ, China and others, turning leased land into our encaves, Singapore being just the HQ. We can rotate our citizens staying and working in these places with Singapore still being their home, the encaves are places for temporary stay, work and play only. Of course, we need to work out such arrangements with the sovereign countries themselves. All these are just my prediction of things to come.