Sunday, July 23, 2006


Many of the new PAP MP’s like this one should be happy to read the news reports concerning the passing of PAP stalwart Mr Lim Kim San.

I don’t mean of course that they are happy to read of the death of one of the ‘founding fathers of modern Singapore’; but rather what MM Lee Kuan Yew said concerning how Mr Lim was initially reluctant to enter politics because he was not a good speaker. Like many of these new MP’s, he too had to be persuaded to enter politics.

This is because many of the popular bloggers in Singapore liked to ridicule them by saying that since they had to be persuaded to enter politics, their commitment and sincerity is suspect. They can now point to the many achievements and contributions of this political giant to counter their detractors.


Anonymous said...

Comparing apples with pears.

LKS was not comfortable with the language issue. It's not his passion for public service.

For the new MPs, one has to speculate then, whether it is the urge to serve publicly that they need to be persuaded.

If so, this would be a problem because they would certainly find ways to compensate for the perceived opportunity costs through somewhere else.

Yes, I think bloggers are right to be cynical.

I was asked once if I will serve. I know I couldn't and therefore wouldn't, no matter how much would be promised.

It has to come from the heart.

Sleepless in Singapore said...

You are right. Maybe I shd have written this post in 1st person, beginning with "If I were a PAP MP, ...."

ice331 said...

LKS has said that paying high salary to attract talent is not the right way.

hear him and follow his advice, he is proven material. too bad all those ministers are too deep into the riches.