Monday, July 31, 2006

Comic Relief

Singaporeans in general, and bloggers in particular should thank the ever-popular Mr Brown for his latest post containing a video clip from The Daily Show on the Mideast conflict).

At a time when 'happiness' surveys have repeatedly labelled us as an unhappy country, and young people talk openly about emigrating, (Examples here: My Lonely Stage, A Xeno Boy in Sg: Cost of Leaving in Singapore) Mr Brown's broadcast of the very funny video clip is really timely.

Comments like 'hilarious", "ROFLOL!!!", and "damn freaking funny" can be read in his blog.

But I should remind Singaporeans that we should not forget to thank Israel and the Hisbollah, as well as the Lebonese people without whom this funny show would not have been possible.


Anonymous said...

If you are suggesting that the video was insensitive to the parties involved in this conflict, then your indignation is somewhat misplaced, because if you watch the video again, you will notice that it is poking fun at the CNN reporters, and the American public, not the Lebanese, or the Israelites or the Hezbollah.

Sleepless in Singapore said...

I saw the video again. I still hear people laughing and see images of wanton destruction.

When Israel fired her missiles at the Hisbollah, many innocent civilians got killed and injured. When we laugh at the CNN reporters, the images of people behind the reporters also get hit (by our laughter).