Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I don’t support Singapore's F1 night race

Recently Singapore hosted the world’s first night Formula One Grand Prix. Many of my friends were so excited about it. I am happy that they had a good time.

The event was hailed as a big success and everybody, including our prime minister was ecstatic that Singapore not only got itself noticed by millions of television viewers worldwide, but had our reputation as a super-efficient city confirmed by many visitors who rightly proclaimed that “only Singapore could have pulled this off.”

Personally, I don’t support the F1 and did not even watch the race on TV. Somehow in this age of universal distress over global warming and dwindling energy resources, I find it difficult to get excited over a bunch of petrol-guzzling machines speeding round and round an arena lit up by artificial lights till “it was like day”, and getting nowhere.

But I did not want to be a spoilsport and thus chose to blog about it after the event is long over.

** CC Photo byFlickr member bernardoh


Fitzroyalty said...

I can understand not being interested in F1 (I am bored with football). But the Singapore F1 GP was a brilliant success and many international visitors enjoyed themselves immensely! I was one of them. I'm writing a series of blog posts aboutmy experience starting here - It may help explain what the fans loved about it!

Zen said...

Putting other emotional factors aside, the main reason to bring in the F1 race is part of the overall strategy of promoting the marina area to bring in more revenue for Singapore. The whole area is geared towards attracting mainly tourists. It is like before you get the ants to come in you need to put a pot of uncovered honey before hand. This pot of 'honey' comprises of: IR, explanade, mini botanic garden, hotels and a host of others, F1 being only one of them. For the sake of creating more jobs and business for our locals, I support the F1 race.

Anonymous said...

And what good does F1 do for the majority of Singaporeans after spending 90 million in taxpayer's money to lay the tracks and lights?