Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Politicians Bodoh Too?

I saw another two interesting articles in yesterday’s edition of TODAY.

Article No. 1

“Two days after Johor officials declared victory in their fight against crime in the state, a gang of robbers attacked a taxi driver and left a note behind the taxi taunting the law enforcers of the state.

The message to Johor police was, “Polis Bodoh” (stupid police).”

Article No. 2

Bad news; but hardly unexpected, I would say. It appears that the haze is returning; in spite of the numerous high profile meetings by the leaders of Asean, and countless reports in the media.

Apparently the forest burners have the same regard for our politicians as the Johor criminals have for the police there.

Incidentally, have you read my earlier series of posts about (mainly Malaysian) politicians under the title, Politicians Say The Darndest Things. Apparently, they have inspired one Malaysian writer to pen a book of exactly the same title. Haven't you heard of Creative Commons, Mr Amir? An acknowledgment would be nice actually. Malaysia Boleh indeed!

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zen said...

Haze returned, not surprising, inspite of all the'stewing around' of Asean politicians, trying their utmost best to solve the problem. Why? Please remember that the national past-time of Indonesia is wayang kulit and we should know who are the national experts of performing this intricated fine art. So many people are given false hope and taken for a nice merry-go-round ride to nowhere.

Amir said...

No, the title was not inspired by your blog post, actually. It's an honest coincidence.

I first mentioned the title in an interview on 11 June 2006 with The New York Times in conjunction with the T-shirt launch of my banned documentary The Last Communist.

Your first post with the similar title appeared 15 days after that.

True, the NYT article only got published on 9 July 2006. Apparently these things take some time to get through fact-checkers and whatnot.

But the T-shirt launch is mentioned very clearly at the beginning of the piece, so you can tell that was when the interview was done.

And shouldn't we both acknowledge a debt to Bill Cosby?

Sleepless in Singapore said...

Thank you for your clarification Mr Amir. My apologies for being too hasty.

Anyway, you may be too young to know that the originator of the title, "Kids Say the Darndest Things' was not Bill Cosby but Art Linkletter as pointed out by the blogger.

Amir said...

ah, so it is, so it is :-)

zen said...

A lot of publicity on transferring of 400 police personnels to Johor state to raise the security level there. With such a high profile of the IDR to attract foreign investors, Singaporeans inclusive, every body is watching for action of this police force. Don't we hear noice from the stair-case, but no one come down.