Thursday, March 29, 2007

Strange Sort of Integrity

Actress Cynthia Lee MacQuarrie, who plays the role of Annabel Chong in the play, 251, about the infamous porn star's life was reported in Today (March 29, 2007) to have said:

"I see her as a woman who made a choice and stood by it. And there was integrity in that.... It's not up to me to judge whether it was a good or a bad choice, but she believed in something and stuck by it to the end."

In that case, Ms MacQuarrie probably also sees integrity in the acts of these 2 men, who also made choices and stuck with them to the end.


Ms MacQuarrie said...

What you read in the media is not neccessarily what you get. It's naive to believe everything you read. For the record, Ms MacQuarrie did not use the word 'Intergrity' in the said manner. And to compare my thoughts of Ms Chong/Ms Quek to the two men, is a tad ridiculous, don't you think? I don't recall Ms Chong/Ms Quek committing terror attacks or war crimes or killing or being racist......Maybe you would like to ask me what I think about these two men before posting a sarcastic remark about my interview and my stand on intergrity?

Sleepless in Singapore said...

Ms Quek said something to the effect that A.C. no longer exists. She is dead and burried. I interpret that to mean that she judged that it was a mistake and would like to leave that episode of her life behind her. But it's the media and show biz people that chose to resurrect the A.C. character for reasons I don't want to speculate.

And people like me are foolish enough to be jump into the fray and add to the publicity. Fortunately, very few people read this blog, so my contribution is minimal. Still I do not wish to add any more publicity to this story.