Thursday, November 09, 2006

Apt Analogy

I just heard the news on radio where a new member of parliament spoke on the foreign talents issue yesterday. Using the analogy of a dragon boat, he said that Singapore was like a dragon boat that needed new, stronger and more skillful rowers to race ahead.

But he must have forgotten that the Singapore boat is a small one. To accommodate more rowers, you just might have to dump some of the old and weak rowers into the sea ..... Unless this gentleman is thinking out of the boat and wants to build a 2-storey dragon boat.


Anonymous said...

Good analogy about needing to throw some weak and old ones overboard. Maybe I can stretch the analogy to say that a 2-storey dragonboat "just ain't too stable".

eastcoastlife said...

The leaders promise "Nobody will be left behind".
The old, weak, poor are what? Nobody. I'm one of them. hahaha....