Friday, August 25, 2006

No More Self-Indulgent

Good news. Not all bloggers are self-indulgent after all.

Just 3 short weeks ago, the Straits Times published 2 lengthy articles branding practically all bloggers as self-indulgent, narcissistic, inward-looking, attention seeking, misinformed etc etc. (see my earlier
post: The MSM Strikes Back)

But over the past 2 days, they have written glowing reports of the fine work done by so called gahmen bloggers - in informing, educating and serving the public.

My. What a difference 3 weeks make. Or should I say, what a difference a few sentences from the right person make. I am referring of course to the prime minister's national day rally speech last Sunday.


Anonymous said...

Once the direction is set, everyone who is anyone, will play to its tune like a pipepiper.

There is no honesty except if it concerns crumbs fallen from the rich man's table.

Even the once stoic faith has to succumb to their children screwing with statistics!

Indeed, the market place has changed to our woes.

It has fallen!It has fallen! Oh blindies!

Cobalt Paladin said...

Hi Anonymous,

Please be fair to the cited bloggers like vantan and ramblinglibrarian. They didn't blog because the government told them to. They have been blogging for quite a while already. Vantan since year 2002 and ramblinglibrarian 2004.

If I misunderstood your message. I apologise in advance.

Anonymous said...

Coblat you are such a bloody illogical guy to write that stupd message.

Have you been to school?
haHaHa,I can help myself but instant nger with stupid people.My education perhaps